Laminar Flow Hood

Members of the EWH – UIC Laminar Flow Hood Team (not all pictured).

Project Leaders

  • Barak Stoltz – Project Manager
  • Tejas Madhavan – Mechanical Lead
  • Beny Romo – Mechanical Lead
  • Josh Shubert – Electrical Lead
  • Fatima Rizvi – Documentation Lead
  • Shilpa Kolachina – Documentation Lead


Our project is based off a one week site assessment to Vietnam in the spring of 2015. project leaders Tejas Madhavan and Fatima Rizvi visited local pediatric hospitals and medical facilities in order to improve healthcare delivery using low cost solutions. During the evaluation of the sterility of one of the hospital, it was discovered that the infection rates were extremely high due to medications being compounded in an open air environment. We therefore decided that a laminar flow hood was needed in order to provide the hospital staff with a sterile environment for mixing medications. (Like to learn more about their hospital assessment trip? Make sure to check out the student blog)

Flow hood near completion (08/04/16)

A laminar flow hood provides a sterile environment that prevents contamination of samples (biological or chemical) by producing non-turbulent, filtered airflow. It contains a UV light in order to decontaminate the work-space, a blower to provide the constant airflow, and a HEPA filter to remove 99.999+% of the in air contaminants.


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Our laminar flow hood has been designed and constructed from scratch, providing a unique experience by teaching various mechanical, electrical, and teamwork skills in the scope of an engineering design cycle. This project has a set deadline for September 2016, where the hood will be prepared for shipping to Vietnam.

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